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you may add "do not ship dormant plants ",
 substitutions are not allowed  unless you inform us otherwise, shipping depends on  your location. e-mail for a quote

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prices- are per flat of 72, 32,
          flats of 18 and 6 represent price per pot,  coast to coast shipping,
Some  orders must ship must ship 3 Day UPS/FedEx  during warm weather
half trays of 18, 32 or 72, single or less or than 10 'quart' or single less than 6 '#1gallon'  pots add $5.75 surcharge
add $10.50 for orders less than $400.00, Quality checked before shipping, report any problems upon receipt

Due to  regulations in the state of Oregon, we are not be able to ship to your state.
Grasses shipped to Colorado and all plants shipped to Washington and California need to meet the requirements for Japanese Beetle Compliance.  The cost of the chemicals for drenching and dipping will be charged at $1.39/flat.


$2.23 per flat of 72's or 32's

$ .39 each per Quart or 18

$ .67 each per #1 Nsy or 6" pot

During hot summer weather, 'Polar Paks' are placed in cases to help plant survival, $.73 each.

not included in above list

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