While this plant has received RHS Award of Garden Merit, I consider this to be a miracle plant.

When the inner part of the plant is applied to a burn, no blisters after. Aside from use on burns it is supposed to work on poison ivy, and rashes as well as many other medicinal uses. For those making the own hand sanitizer, when added to grain alcohol the drying effect is eliminated. If harvesting leaves avoid taking leaves from the top of the plant, doing so may kill the plant. Winter hardy in Zone 9 (about 25F min. temp) it makes a great house plant. The photo is a 5 to maybe 10 year old, 29"  across and 21 inches high, may have been fertilized once. For indirect to full sun, and more frequent fertilization. Price includes all pack /ship fees..

Aloe Vera 16 each pots 2.5 square 3.5 inch deep

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