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Asclepias syriaca common milkweed, exected  3.24.2020

a great native pollinator plant as well host plant for the Monarch Butterflies. 

Price includes, pack and ship fees. Ships from Pennsylvania hardy in zones 3-9, check  availability     Seeds Are availiable here

Asclepias syriaca 50 each 2" x 5" deep plugs

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  • included in photo's  is a picture of the native Milkweed Leaf Beetles (Labidomera clivicollis) having lunch, no insecticide is recommend, if used it be lethal for butterflies and catapillars of butterflies. The last photo is tussock moth caterpillars, avoid touching. If touched the will provide a reaction similar to poison ivy. Grows in a variety of soils, needs no fertilizer. For sunny sites in Zones 3-9, Avoid plantings near dairy farm, cows who eat this become ill. It has fragrant flowers and does attract butterflies

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