Ceratostigma plumbaginoides,  Dwarf Plumbago, Leadwort, for full sun to mostly sunny sites in Zones 5-9, while it may grow and spread fastest in drain soils, it also been reported to tolerate to tolerate a wide ranges of soil including clay soils, but this plant should not be used in soils that stay wet for an extended period of time. Best qualities is its long flowering period from Late spring/early Summer up until frost with blue flowers that don’t need to be deadheaded, it’s a great groundcover spreading to +/-1 foot wide and high, it is a live mulch replacement. The only down side is its one of the slowest to start grower in the spring, to aviod a dead zone interplant with spring flowering bulbs in the Fall., reported to be deer resistant , its foliage turns red in the fall

Dwarf Plumbago,Ceratostigma plumbaginoides, 25 each 3.5" pots

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