Available Fall -early Spring

Picea Abies Zones 2-7, price includes shipping for coast to coast from Wisconsin. Pot size is 3.5” square by 5” deep. Plant size ranges from about 10 to 20 inches when shipped. Mature height ranges between 100-200 ft. tall. Usefull and highly desirable as a Christmas tree because of its excellent needle retention. You made add 1 trays of 18, and 2 other trays from Wisconsin Nusery stock  email info@comnur.net
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Planting, Selecting and Care

Norway Spruce 54 each quart pots

  • This plant does not ship when new growth flushes out in the spring, mid April. I received plants late Nov. planted in Dec. frequent rains, snow and  cold weather made it easy for the plants to get established. These  5" deep pot's never heaved out of the ground when it froze solid.

    Our growers native strains of ectomycorrhizae develop in the liners early. Mycorrhizae fungus forms a beneficial association with the roots to enhance water and nutrient uptake. This relationship can be seen on the short feeder roots as a white threadlike mold. The roots and mycorrhyzae work together to provide a healthier and larger plant. Plants will establish easier and grow faster in your location because of this beneficial fungus.

    Don't fertilize 4 months before last frost. 

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